About Us

چاپ برگه


The vision, mission and values ​​of the company

Zhav Gostaran Shakil Company is one of the companies that succeeded in operating in the field of network marketing in Iran by obtaining the necessary licenses from the competent authorities.

This company started its activity in 2018 with a bright and hopeful vision in order to provide quality Iranian goods at reasonable prices to Iranian families. We hoped and are hoping that Iranians will consume quality goods produced in the country to help both the country’s economy and their family economy

Consumption of domestic products can be an encouraging support for producers. Households also save on their expenses if they are satisfied with the quality of Iranian goods and consume them by paying less for the production of similar goods

Mission :

Providing quality products through network marketing to all members of society in Iran and the world so that quality is the only reason to sell the product and all stakeholders and staff of the company are proud of the quality of the product provided

The company’s management organization has been formed with the aim of creating a suitable platform for legal, principled and professional network marketing activities, and by following the example of leading and successful global companies, tries to present the correct and correct concept of this business

Creating a secure platform for the formation of small home-based businesses with the potential to become a global business for self-made people in a supportive environment and focusing on personal growth is one of the main missions of this organization

This organization considers changing the current view of society to network marketing as one of its main missions and intends to give a proper, valuable and worthy appearance to network marketing in Iran by creating a healthy, principled and professional structure. Create a bed where no one is harmed

vision :

Enter the list of top companies in the Middle East based on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and distinctive services.

Creating employment in the field of network production and marketing.

Cultivate and upgrade the strategic level in this business. Creating a bed and skillful preparation of people to enter global markets.

Becoming a healthy and professional network marketing leader in Iran soon.

Entering the markets of neighboring countries and the region soon.

Become one of the top network marketing companies in the Middle East in terms of variety, quality and competitive price of products and the number of consumers, consultants and network builders in the future.

Establish a sales organization in the Middle East in the future.


The values ​​of this organization are based on ethics, meritocracy, commercial ethical charter of Zhav Gostaran Shakil Company, focus on consuming Iranian products and offering quality goods at competitive prices to consumers.

Our focus is on achieving networking from sales, and the benefits of buying the product will be the most important and main reason for buying Zhav Gostaran Shakil’s products. Paying attention to the interests of product consultants, distributing commissions fairly across all levels, avoiding any mandatory purchases to qualify revenue plans, and creating the right environment for a win-win environment are among our commitments.

Network marketing is created to create equal opportunities based on personality development and helping others, which leads to added value for human beings. These values ​​are the standard of this organization and it is morally obliged to observe and promote it.